Singapore Investment Platforms - An In-Depth Benchmark

Setting the Stage

As we embark on the second quarter of 2020, I find myself on a mission: to scrutinize the myriad of investment platforms accessible to me here in Singapore, with the intention of identifying the top 2 or 3 platforms that will serve as my long-term financial allies.

My plan is to make a modest investment of between S$1k-3k on each platform, and evaluate them based on user experience and performance over the course of a year.

This series will solely focus on platforms based in Singapore. My personal experiences and the evidence I’ve gathered underscore the fact that, for an expat looking to make the most out of their savings, Singapore is indeed the prime location. Here’s why:

  • Regulatory Environment: Singapore has one of the most robust and transparent regulatory frameworks in the world, which provides a high level of investor protection.
  • Political Stability: Singapore’s political landscape is known for its stability, making it a safe haven for investments.
  • Strong Economy: The city-state boasts a resilient and dynamic economy that has consistently demonstrated growth.

My Primary Goals and Priorities

  1. Long-term Capital Appreciation with an Eye on FIRE I’m focused on securing a comfortable second half of my life. If necessary, I can afford to have my capital locked down for the next 20 years as long as it continues to grow in the long run.

  2. A Hands-off, Result-driven Approach While economics and finance are areas of interest for me, I don’t wish to turn financial planning into a hobby. I’m looking for capital appreciation, not an adrenaline rush. Recognizing that there are experts with far more resources, intelligence, and dedication to managing finances, I’m happy to delegate this task and reduce my worries.

  3. Stability Regulations, political instability, inflation, taxes, and systemic risks can gradually erode your returns. These diminished returns year after year could disrupt compound growth, resulting in substantial loss over time. It’s crucial to have your money in a jurisdiction that’s as insulated from these factors as possible.

  4. Sustainable and Responsible Investments As a millennial expat, I want my investments to not only grow but also contribute positively to society and the environment. Platforms that offer options for sustainable and responsible investments will have an added appeal.

  5. Belief in the Efficient Market Hypothesis I’m a strong proponent of the Efficient Market Hypothesis. Platforms that operate with a passive investment approach, focusing on diversification and reducing costs, align with my investment philosophy.

Upcoming Platform Reviews

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be reviewing the following platforms:

  • FSM Maps
  • Syfe
  • DBS Digiportfolio
  • Autowealth
  • Endowus
  • Stashaway
  • Squirrelsave
  • OCBC Roboinvest

Stay tuned to join me on this exciting journey!