Going Paperless with a Simple Yet Powerful Workflow on Linux

Having an efficient paperless workflow can save you space, make documents easily searchable, and prevent the loss of important information. In this post, I’ll explain a straightforward way to digitize paper documents on Linux using free and open source tools.

Replacing DDclient with Inadyn: Restoring Dynamic DNS Updates Reliability

Over the past 18 months, I’ve encountered a growing number of bugs with ddclient. But inadyn solved all that and I’m not looking back!

Integrating Umami Web Analytics to Hugo

Umami is a user-friendly, self-hosted web analytics tool that places a strong emphasis on privacy and data ownership. It provides essential metrics without tracking or storing personal data of users.

Make Your Nextcloud Docker Instance Fly: Add Redis Caching

There’s an array of tutorials online for boosting your Nextcloud Docker instance performance; some lead to dead ends, others are convoluted. Here’s a more straightforward approach.

Expanding VM Disk Size on LXD

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing a simple and straightforward way to expand the disk size of a Virtual Machine (VM) on LXD using a cloud-init image. The image will auto-expand once we pass the appropriate configuration.

Quick Note On Building Liquidity For Your Lightning Node

Here are few straightforward notes to setting up a liquid and well-connected Lightning node that will enable you to transact at light speed and for pennies, side-stepping the traditional financial systems.

Backing Up Fedora Packages

If you’re running a Fedora system, it’s wise to maintain backups of your installed packages. This makes system restoration much smoother in case of unforeseen hiccups. Below is a quick guide on how to achieve this.

Monitoring WiFi-Enabled Devices with 'ping' in Home Assistant

In the world of home automation, effectively managing your WiFi-capable devices is crucial. In this post, we’ll demonstrate how you can monitor the status of such devices using the ‘ping’ function in Home Assistant.

A Simple Bash Script for Docker Compose Management

If you’re like me and love running your own homelab, Docker has likely become an essential part of your workflow. It provides an efficient and convenient way to manage various services, applications, and environments.

Monitoring Hard Disk Temperatures with drivetemp on Ubuntu 22.04

Keeping an Eye on HDD Temperatures on Ubuntu 22.04 As the hddtemp utility is now deprecated, keeping track of your hard disk drive (HDD) temperatures on Ubuntu 22.04 requires a new approach.